Genetics Group

We are developing a novel curriculum with training objectives specifically tailored for the rapidly evolving Genetics and Genomics Home Area. The key feature of the new curriculum is flexibility, which will allow young scientists to choose targeted courses that best fit their research interests and maximize interactive learning and collaboration between all of the Biosciences Program students and faculty. To further nurture interaction and collaboration, the students will also present their research to the Home Area students and faculty in informal meetings throughout the year. The core curriculum courses will be taught by faculty with research interest and expertise in the area, which will provide the students a unique opportunity to learn new and state-of-the-art developments by the UCLA leaders in Genetics and Genomics.

The current Human Genetics Graduate Program and its curriculum, requirements, and training elements are described at the Human Genetics website.

Examples of current course work: HG236A Syllabus - Advanced Human Genetics A: Molecular Aspects.