Student Research Interests
Marcus Alvarez

Gonda 6335
My work involves following up lipid GWAS signals using high-throughput data sets, primarily RNA sequencing. My goal is to identify specific variants, genes, and mechanisms involved in metabolic disease, primarily cardiovascular disease and dyslipidemia.
Qin An

Gonda 6554
Research Interests: integrating experimental and computational methodology together, to systematically investigate transcriptomic and epigenomic dynamics. Personal interest: writing code that never works.
James Boocock

I am interested in understanding the genetics of complex traits. Current research interests include new methods for performing functional annotation of association studies, uncovering regions under natural selection in human populations, and the role that structural variation plays in complex traits.
Xinyuan Chen

Interested in understanding epigenetic mechanisms and genetics of signaling pathways to address human diseases.
Alex Chubick

I’m interested in neurogenetics and studying genetic mutations that are related to neurodegenerative diseases.
Arun Durvasula

My research interests center around using novel techniques and data to study the forces that produce and maintain genetic variation.
Chantle Edillor

MRL 3525
My research interests include the epigenetics of complex disease, systems genetics, and personal genomics. My out-of-lab interests are art+science, social media, and being a low-key foodie.
Colin Farrell

Interest in integrating genomic information for disease discovery and personalized medicine.
Kristina Garske

Gonda 6335
I have always had a special interest in genetics and the way the human genome interacts with itself, as well as with one's environment. I am excited to apply the knowledge and skills I acquired in my previous research position to continue my education in the Genetics and Genomics program at UCLA.
Liangke Gou

Gonda 5309
Interest in understanding the molecular and genetic mechanism in human disorders, exploring the function of epigenetic changes in the progress of human diseases genesis.
Catharine E. Krebs

Gonda 4335
Interested in elucidating genetic and epigenetic causes of psychiatric phenotypes primarily through bioinformatic analyses.
Malika Kumar

Interested in investigating the genetic basis of rare and Mendelian disease using clinical sequencing and developing diagnostic sequencing technology. Outside of the lab, I am interested in science education and communication.
Jiajin Li

Mining genetic information from sequencing data and developing new methods for analysis.
Jazlyn Mooney

Interested in implementing techniques from evolutionary anthropology and population genetics to examine patterns of human genetic variation. When I am not in lab, I enjoy going to crossfit and digging for vinyl.
Ashot Papikian

Terasaki 4045
Interested in analyzing high-throughput sequencing data in order to determine the epigenomic changes that occur as a result of certain treatments or mutants.
Austin Quach

Gonda 5545
Primary research interests lie in elucidating the latent causal processes in aging and neurodegeneration through epigenomic and metabolomic analyses.
Christopher Robles

BSRB 346-01A
Interested in bioinformatics, next-generation sequencing applications, and technology development. Outside of lab I enjoy rock climbing, cycling, and brewing beer.
Alejandra Rodriguez

Gonda 6335
Primary research focusing on fine mapping and characterization of genome-wide association signals (GWAS) for cardiovascular loci. Currently developing and implementing strategies for the functional characterization of these variants. Interested in the epigenetic changes that occur in complex diseases such as cardiovascular disease and stroke.
Lisa Truong

CHS 76-065
I am interested in studying the genetics that contribute to proper chromosome segregation during meiosis. In particular, I am interested in how improper segregation and aneuploidies can affect embryonic development and lead to genetic disease like Down syndrome.